Read Write Inc

We use a phonic and reading programme called Read Write Inc to teach the children their phonic
sounds. It also teaches them how to apply those sounds throughout all that they read and write. The
programme also enables the children to build up their comprehension and understanding of what
they read through writing activities linked to the books they read.

In addition to the reading they do in Read Write Inc, we also hear children read regularly through
Guided reading sessions and individually in class.
For any children that have already moved through the phonics programme and are ready for the
next stage, we use the Read Write Inc spelling programme. This happens for 15 minutes each day as
part of our English lesson.

For more information on Read Write Inc visit the Read Write Inc Website

We then have weekly diary writing times when we show what we can do independently applying all
that we have been learnt through our English lessons. We also ensure that we make cross curricular
links for writing and we write though other curriculum area such as science, History and Geography.