School Parliament

School ParliamentOur aim is to give every child a say in what we do at our school!

We wrote our manifestos and all our classes voted for us ... we were showing DEMOCRACY!

Introducing our Representatives from September 2016:

Hedgehogs (Year R and Year 1): Louisa and Oliver

Foxes (Year 1 and Year 2):  Edie and Melissa

Squirrels (Year 3): Albie and Charlie

Badgers (Year 4): Erin Hiett and Jess Brierley

Through weekly meetings we share ideas from each class, think about how we can use these ideas to improve our school and then do it! So this year we have changed our reward systems, bought exciting dojo prizes, organised our play equipment and talked about lunchtime tables, expectations and rewards.

We have lots more to do!