School Sports Funding Statement 2016-17

Summary Information

For the year 2015-2016 our school received £3,523 Sports Funding and this year, 2016-2017, we will receive £8,515 in two instalments.

Sports Funding expenditure

To employ specialist coaches to work alongside staff, for example, multi skills, tag rugby, football, dodge ball etc.

  • Employ staff to run inter school games to increase participation in competitive sports.
  • To buy resources to ensure there is a range of activities and skills that the children can participate in, both during lessons and at playtimes.
  • To establish strong links with local cluster schools and within the HAT to provide joint sports activities across the school.
  • Pay for transport to inter-sport events.
  • To provide specialist enrichment sports weeks to inspire and enrich sporting, such as the climbing wall.
  • To provide extra curricular opportunities for children, such as 'run a mile' club.
  • To employ a member of staff to be a Sports Champion and represent St. James' within the HAT to enrich the sporting opportunities for our children.

Impact and Evaluation of expenditure

  • The Sports Champion evaluates take up of sport within the school.
  • Annual Questionnaires for the pupils, staff and families.